Current Winter Wish List

January 18, 2016

All I want to do lately is curl up in comfy lounge clothes by a fire...and shop online. Here are my current favorites (and some great prices!!).

one / two / three / four

I'm all about the loose fitting tops this winter. It may not be the most flattering; in fact, it might look like I'm wearing a blanket. You know what though? I think I'm okay with that at the moment. Don't judge! :)

Liner Love

January 11, 2016

Do you ever watch make-up tutorials and see people use a felt tip liner to create a perfectly straight line in one stroke of the pen? Well, that's not me. However, I do love using a felt tip pen for my liner because I think it can be fast (once you learn how to do it) and they have fantastic staying-power. 

I've used a few different types of liner, but recently compared two very similar products and narrowed it down to my favorite...and it's really affordable!!!

I was using the L'Oreal Paris Lineur Intense, and it was good - I had no complaints. It was easy to use, the color was a dark shiny black, but I was browsing the cosmetics one day and happened upon the Maybelline Line Stiletto. I used to be a really big fan of the Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara back in the day, so when I saw that they had a liner I decided to see how it compared. 

It proved to be very similar (I really couldn't tell much of a all), but the Maybelline Line Stiletto had a finer tip...just by a hair. Even though it's not that noticeable that was a +1 in my opinion. 

The application is pretty much identical, but you can see in the picture above that when I rubbed over the lines with my finger the Maybelline Line Stiletto stayed in place a little bit better (the line on the bottom). That's another +1! 

Overall, these are two great options, but I decided to stick with the Maybelline! To apply I usually use short strokes to line the upper lash line, then take a liner brush (my favorite is the M225 Angle Liner by Morphe) and go over the line while it's still wet. This helps smooth any "shakes" from my unprofessional application!

I'm always looking for easy ways to apply liquid or gel liner; if you have any tips for getting a smooth application, please share!

New Year: Simplicity

January 4, 2016

It's been a tradition for me to select a verse as a "new year's goal", and this year I'm keeping with the tradition but I am also going to choose a word to focus on. 

Be still, and know that I am God...
- Psalm 46:10

Sometimes I feel like life gets in the way. That probably means something different to everyone, but for me that means that I get wrapped up in daily tasks, to-do lists, wants, work, etc. That usually ends in my mind going a million miles a minute. Worry starts - sometimes big and sometimes small worries. I went into more detail a while back (here), but this year I'm making more of an effort to truly focus on being "still" and trusting that God will take care of life.


That brings me to my word for 2016. There seems to be a lot of stuff in life, and I'm not just talking about material things. At times it feels like as soon as you catch up you fall behind again. Or just when you organize/simplify one area in your life (or one room in your house) you take a deep refreshing breath and realize there's so much more to do!

This year I want to simplify. That might mean donating un-used items to someone that could use them, donating clothes that I don't wear anymore (or can't fit into...let's be honest). Maybe that means taking more weekend trips to see new places, and not worrying if the laundry didn't get done or if the house isn't spotless! It could mean to just live and enjoy life in the moment without constantly trying to accomplish the next item on the list. 

Everyone approaches stress (or what causes stress) differently. But I think that everyone can relate to needing a little more simplicity in life. 

Happy New Year!