Master Bedroom Renovation: Phase I

September 28, 2015

After talking for the last 6 years about installing hardwood in our bedroom, we finally tackled this project!

Side note: these pictures were taken with my iPhone as work was being done in low lighting and a hurried state, so if they're not professional quality...too bad.

I came home one Thursday evening after "gettin' my hair did" to find most of our bedroom furniture in the living room and half of the carpet ripped up in our bedroom. Lovely. Thank you, dear. 

This was the best "before" shot I could get. Comfy cozy, right? The following evening we took the bed apart, moved every last bit of furniture out and ripped up the remaining carpet. It was time to rock and roll.

Looks like a party, the only thing missing is cake, I know. We could have seriously used some cake at this point. I have to give big props to SC - he was very patient, and worked carefully to get the existing floor out and prepped to lace in the new. 

We pulled a string from the living room into the bedroom, and screwed down a few scrap pieces of wood to start our first run of the hardwood.

If you're looking for it, you can see the transition, but I'm very happy with the final result considering the existing is about 12 years old!!!

Once the floor was down, we painted, put the base back, touched up, and moved the furniture back to its home. It's funny how out of sync you start to feel when things aren't in their normal places. Here are a few pictures of the [almost] end result.

Don't mind the tarps and dog toys...real life. 

The hall and closet were still not complete when I took this picture, but more on the final product to come! 

There are one or two small projects that need to take place before the room is complete, but stick around...Phase II of the master bedroom renovation will come in the near future.

In the meantime, I'm happy to be walking on finished floor and sleeping in my bed again. 

How to Make Your Own Curling Wand

September 14, 2015

This curling wand trend that's been happening had me wanting to achieve those perfect curls for myself, but I really didn't want to splurge on yet another hair I made my own. Keep reading to find out how!

I started with my smallest curling iron - a 1" barrell. This also required a small screw driver - either a flat or phillips head depending on your iron.

Start by taking the "kick stand" off of your curling iron. Unscrew the two screws on the sides of the iron, this will remove the clip. Unscrew and remove the spring. 

3. DONE!
Now you're left with a curling wand! I put the screws back in place after removing the clip because I wasn't sure about leaving open holes in the barrell, but that's probably not necessary. 

I also saved the clip and spring in case I wanted to revert back to the regular curling iron. Two tools in one! It works like a charm. :)