Friday Favorites in Five

April 17, 2015

Has this week flown by, or is it just me? 

So glad it's Friday! We're taking a trip this weekend to get away for a couple days. Looking forward to that, for sure.

This warmer weather makes me want to start planting flowers again!!!!! I think it's probably safe...I think. I've spent most of my time on Pinterest looking at garden inspirations.

Ready for my favorites? Okay. Me too.

1. Lovely.

2. Heat loving container plants. I need this...because I sometimes forget to water...oops.

3. I don't think P. Allen Smith has ever created a garden design that I didn't like. This container is amazing. I'll take ten.

4. I just want to transplant this to my own back yard. Why don't my hostas look like this???

5. Remember last year I was all about the raised gardens? Well, guess who has a raised garden this spring? ME! Yes! Pictures coming soon. I do love how they have stone around this garden though...hmmm...

Yep. I'm ready for spring. Bring. It. On.

Have you started your garden or have you put any flowers out? I haven't even looked at any flowers yet. I literally had to walk the other way when we went to Lowe's the last time. I didn't want to tempt myself! :)

Have a great weekend!