DIY Pen Caddy

April 8, 2015

What is a "pen caddy" you ask? I don't know...just a name I made up because I couldn't think of another good way to describe this thing! 

Ever since I can remember I've had a small obsession with writing utensils. I go to an office supply store and always search the pen isle for fun new pens to test. Geek alert. Pens in different colors get me every time.

I only tell you about my guilty pen pleasure to lead into this "pen caddy" that I made recently. I have used a notebook portfolio for a few years, but they only have a spot to hold one pen. Terrible design. If I want to carry four pens with me that day, I want the option. 

Ahhh...yes. Hello, friend. 

So I made this little notebook band, pen caddy, whatever you want to call it. I really should think of a cool name. It has been fantastic.

To start, I simply wrapped the notebook I wanted to use with the elastic, and placed a pin to hold it in place while I stitched it together. 

Once the first stitch was in place, I created little loops with more pins to complete the band. Each loop was sewn in place, and the end of the elastic was finished with a final stitch.

I'm pretty excited about this gadget. It could be made in all sizes for large or small notebooks too! I also bought some new pens to go with it...hehehe.

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