A Gift for Good Luck

April 14, 2015

This post = super exciting stuff.

Okay. It's not really super exciting. I know what you're thinking - all of my posts keep you on the edge of your seat. Sorry, who am I kidding?!? I forgot!

A few weeks ago one of my friends was preparing to take a pretty big test...which I also had to take to become a Registered Interior Designer. Ugh. I am NOT a test taker. Yuck. I'll never forget the nerves.

I wanted to do something for her as a little good luck gift. Of course, my destination was Target to search for goodies that would be appropriate. The dollar section. A win every single time.

Good Luck Gift:
1. Fun festive cup - just because it's cute
2. Gum - to preoccupy the mind and calm nerves (maybe?)
3. Eraser - for drawing
4. Hand lotion - because everyone needs it
5. Sketch book - for notes aka cheat sheet
6. Pencils and led - because this was for a test...and you need pencils

Of course, anything could be included! I tried to do a few goodies related to the design/test taking theme. Themed gifts are always a good idea. :)

I think she was pleasantly surprised by the gift, which totally makes it worth it.