On My Mind...

October 13, 2014

I'm a perfectionist. I can sometimes be such a perfectionist that it is annoying

I have always loved hand writing, and always tried to mimic other people's hand writing that I liked; which means practicing over, and over, and over until I either got it (sorta) or just decided it was time to move on to something else because it wasn't going anywhere.

With that said, it really shouldn't be surprising that I love calligraphy. It is beautiful. When you search calligraphy today, you see so many creative variations to the traditional "form", and it's amazing to me that people can do this. I've practiced. Multiple sheets of paper kind of practice, and just can't seem to get this technique down.

It is an art that I just can't seem to master! I've watched videos of people doing this and am in awe at how swift and smooth the motions are. I try this and my hand starts to shake and I have really disproportionate letters. 

Have you tried calligraphy? Have any tips you would like to share? I kind of want to take a class...any suggestions? I would LOVE to be able to write like any one of these examples! But being the perfectionist that I am, it might take 100 envelopes to create 1 or 2 that look like this. :)