Mornin' Sunshine

October 15, 2014

Let's just say, I am not much for early mornings. I can get pretty grouchy, really. I just like sleep...a lot. Unfortunately I don't get the 10-ish hours I'd like very often. This is usually my fault because as much as I like sleep I am very much a night owl.

Despite all that, I would like to at least look like I got sleep.

I really only started using an eye cream about 8 months ago. I let a salesperson talk me into buying one as part of a "starter kit" thing, and it was so/so (the other products I liked pretty well though - I'll tell you about them sometime). I decided that I wanted to shop around some more, and wanted to start with a more economical option. 

Because I have used the Boots Botanics line before, I grabbed this during one of my frequent stops at Target - the Age Defense Hydrating Eye Cream

This tube lasted me several months, so I feel like I gave it a pretty good test. Was it hydrating? Yes. Did it keep the eye area moisturized all night/day? Yes. Did it reduce the appearance of my fine lines?, not really. 

I feel like if you're looking for a good eye cream that provides moisture and protects against future signs of aging, this is a great option. It's not heavy, it has no scent, and it doesn't take much to do the trick. It just wasn't the whole package I was looking for.

Bottom line - would I buy it again? I might, but I want to test some other options first.