Friday Favorites in Five

July 25, 2014

Once again - here we are, Friday. I was talking to someone this week at work and we decided Monday and Tuesday drag on...then all the sudden it's Hump Day, then BAM it's Friday. The weekend flies, then it's Monday all over again. Why is that? What happens to time?

1. Food photography is something I like to play with...mostly so I can eat after...but isn't this picture pretty?!?

2. Favorite hairstyle right now...the low bun. I tried to do something similar to this the other day, but it didn't look anything like this...

3. Seriously - this might become a favorite drink of the summer. Peach White Wine Slushies? YUM!

4. Amy over at Coffee Beans & Bobby Pins posted this iced coffee trick earlier in the week. I've done it every day since. Favorite summer morning drink now...

5. This might be an all-time favorite video for a good laugh. I don't know why, but it gets me every time. I think half of it is Janice's reaction. I mean, hello? Help the kid!

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