Time to Fly

July 30, 2014

This must be the week of the quotes! I've obviously been thinking too much lately!!!

I loved this quote the first time I saw it. It fits me perfectly. I've always been a "what if" person. What if I try this and it doesn't work the way I want it to? What if the weather is bad? What if the car breaks down? What if I'm not in good enough shape? What if I say [insert any given comment of the day] and people think I'm weird? What if I get embarrassed? What if I start this blog and no one gets it? What if I post about [insert any given subject matter] and people think it's stupid? What if my friends don't understand why I'm doing this? What if my family doesn't understand? 

That all seems kind of childish, doesn't it? It does when I really start to think about it.

That's why this quote means so much to me. At the end of the day, we should all do things that make us happy...not what makes other people happy, or makes them like you better. I always admire and appreciate people more when they are themselves. I have been around so many friends, acquaintences, co-workers, etc. over the years that seem so confident. It doesn't matter what people think - they are who they are, and it's so natural. There is a part of me that envies that because I've always held back until I really get to know someone and feel like I can trust them. Sometimes that takes a while, and even then it's hard for me to let go and just be me.

It's exhausting...and I'm tired of it.

I started this blog as a place for me to write about my interests and share them with people. You'd think I would want to spread the word to everyone that I know, but instead I have been almost secretive. Not wanting to tell people for fear of the "what if." 

It's not like I'm standing in a room full of people speaking (which would completely terrify me). I'm writing. I'm writing on this little bitty corner of the internet that people barely know about! The best part is that I have the freedom to share me and people can choose to read or not. If they don't like it, that's fine, because this blog is mine. It's about what I enjoy and it's my creative escape. If others benefit from it or enjoy it too, that's awesome! I'll keep doing this as long as it's enjoyable and as long as it makes me smile.

P.S. - This is the first time I shared my blog with my Facebook friends...so if you're stopping by from FB, thank you for taking the time to check out my little happy place. Well, the beach is really my happy place, but that's for another day! :)

Just a Thought

July 28, 2014

Sometimes life can be hectic. It can be frustrating. It can be a whirlwind, and for me that usually means a lot of emotions! 

That's why I love this...be still.

I took this from Psalm 46:10. Be Still and know that I am God. That alone can bring me comfort. It immediately calms me. 

In the midst of the crazy things that go on in life, and the ups, downs, turn-arounds and upside-downs, there is the simple comfort of knowing that all we really need is to be still, and trust in what God is doing in our lives. At the end of the day, that should be enough! Sometimes it's hard to remember that though. 

That's what I'm striving for today, this week, the next few months...always...because it's a constant battle with myself to relax. :) So I created this little graphic as a simple reminder to be still. 

If you need a reminder too, click here to download and print. Put it in your office, put it on your fridge, wherever you need that little encouragement.

Hope you have a good Monday!

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Friday Favorites in Five

July 25, 2014

Once again - here we are, Friday. I was talking to someone this week at work and we decided Monday and Tuesday drag on...then all the sudden it's Hump Day, then BAM it's Friday. The weekend flies, then it's Monday all over again. Why is that? What happens to time?

1. Food photography is something I like to play with...mostly so I can eat after...but isn't this picture pretty?!?

2. Favorite hairstyle right now...the low bun. I tried to do something similar to this the other day, but it didn't look anything like this...

3. Seriously - this might become a favorite drink of the summer. Peach White Wine Slushies? YUM!

4. Amy over at Coffee Beans & Bobby Pins posted this iced coffee trick earlier in the week. I've done it every day since. Favorite summer morning drink now...

5. This might be an all-time favorite video for a good laugh. I don't know why, but it gets me every time. I think half of it is Janice's reaction. I mean, hello? Help the kid!

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Container Gardening Love

July 23, 2014

Is there such a thing as a job as a container gardener? There probably is...if not, there should be, and I want to do that when I grow up. Which really is now

Summer container gardening is one of my favorite things. I really love planting flowers in flower beds, but I looooooove playing with different combinations and textures in containers. I don't usually follow any "rules" when I plan it out - I try to find color combinations that work together, look at the textures, then I look to see if they all require the same sunlight/water (that should probably be first, no?). 

1. Red Verbena
2. Pink Lantana
3. Blue Lobelia

I love the combination! I wanted bold and bright colors with a complimentary cool color. The lantana and verbena can stand up to the heat, and they're strong spreading flowers. So far the Lobelia has been such a pretty addition to the mix.

What do you think? Do you want to be a container gardener too??? Let's do it! :)

July Julep Maven Box

July 21, 2014

It's hard to believe that another month has already gone by, and it's time again for my Julep Maven box! When I came home and saw that it arrived I thought  "Really? It's already time again?" Not that I'm complaining, because I love getting these boxes, it's just that time goes by so fast and I don't even realize it! 

This month had two nail colors, just like June's box, and a body lotion. 

The Bare Body Milk is really nice. It has a very subtle, clean scent - which I like because sometimes scented lotions can be overpowering. I usually try to go for an unscented, but this is so soft that it's barely noticeable. Just right! 

I've been using pretty thick moisturizers or a coconut oil for my body lotion, so I was immediately unsure when I realized that the consistency was a little thinner than I'm used to; however, it kept my skin moisturized all day! I like that it felt light on the skin. Great balance!

The first nail color was a really pretty bright pink called Vicki. It is a perfect pink for spring and summer. I will definitely get a lot of use from this color!

The second nail color was a nude/peach color named Kelsey. It's not my favorite with my skin tone, but I might be able to wear it on my toes.

See what I mean? Kind of blah.

Even though one of the polishes was a slight miss, overall it was another exciting box! So far I've been pretty impressed with the quality of the products. As for the staying power of the polish (because that is a big deal for me), I think it lasts just as long (and maybe a little bit longer) than other polishes I have. 

If you want to get your own Julep boxes each month, take the Maven Style Quiz.

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Friday Favorites in Five

July 18, 2014

Helloooooo Friday! I really can't believe it's Friday. Tuesday was trying to last forever. Then the week went by in a blink. What happened? Did we even have a Wednesday or Thursday? 

Well, obviously we did.

Unless this is some kind of time warp and it's actually only Tuesday...still?

No, it's definitely Friday. Phew.

Now that that's straightened out...

Today we're going blue. For no particular reason other than the fact that I saw something blue that caught my eye and thought I'd look for more. I liked what I found. So here we are!

1. This is what I think about at night. A lovely blue accented living room with a bold blue sofa. Love this room! This is my style - a mix of casual and classic with fun pops of color and pattern...except my living room looks nothing like this. 

2. Pretty little blue necklaces - love! I've been wanting something like this for a while. It needs to be long, and I'm good with it being chunky. This would be so pretty for layering. Do you layer necklaces? Why do I find this to be a challenge?

3. I've never owned blue plates. I've never looked for blue plates. I've never even had an interest in blue plates. These blue plates though...I could get into (or I eat those blueberry pancakes off of them). I have a "plate wall" in my dining room (you know, just in case I run short I can take some off the wall), but it doesn't look like this...sadly.

4. I've always wanted a bright-colored front door. This blue door is the perfect color of blue. It's like the door says "Hey! You! Come over here! Welcome to my fun home!" That's what they'd say, you know? If doors could talk. Just like this.

5. This is what first caught my eye leading to the "blue search". Of course. I've never tasted it but it looks like it would be a favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner item. The blueberries. Yum. Yes I just ended this list with the first thing that caught my eye. I'm in a weird mood. Must be the time warp.

How was your week? Have you had any favorite finds? Share below in the comments!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The BB Battle: Garnier Skin Renew

July 16, 2014

The second BB cream in the "BB Battle" goes to the Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB. This product first caught my eye because it was for combination/oily skin...count me in. :) 

The consistency is more of a liquid. It's actually kind of messy if you're not careful...but not enough to keep me from using it! I was surprised at how well it covered to be such a thin product. As with other BB's, it is a light to medium coverage. Applying it with a BeautyBlender seems to work best for me.

There are four color choices ranging from fair to deep. I chose the Medium/Deep, and it's actually a little lighter when first applied than other products in this color tone; however, it blends really well.

It claims to maintain moisture levels and improve skin condition for 24 hours. It also provides antioxidant properties and boosts radiance because it contains Vitamin C. As with most BB's, it has SPF which varies depending on the shade. The Medium/Deep is an SPF 20.

Even with my oily skin, this BB cream stays put, and when I use a setting powder it usually stays matte throughout the day (win!). I say usually because there are always exceptions and my skin reacts differently depending on the weather and humidity.

Overall reaction is that it's a great product for my skin type because it's actually targeted to combination/oily skin. If you have dry skin, you may want to try it with extra moisturizer.

Have you tried any of the Garnier makeup products? What did you think?

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Just Say No...to blemishes

July 14, 2014

Ever look in the mirror and think "Holy cow! Where did that come from?" Yep. Been there. It usually happens when something important is going on (thanks stress).

I've tried some various versions of acne treatment before, and they usually take a few days to really make an impact. I first saw this Drying Lotion from Mario Badescu Skin Care on a You Tube beauty review, and started reading some other reviews...it sounded miraculous. So I gave it a try.

It. Works.

It's a weird looking bottle of...goop. You don't shake it. Don't mix it. Just open, stick the cotton swab in the jar, and dip it in the powder. Pull it out coating the powder with the liquid treatment.

It has a slight medicinal odor, but not too bad in my opinion. It goes away after a few minutes. Once you first apply it can sting a little, but that goes away too.

You're supposed to coat the blemish, sleep with it on, then wash it off the next morning. No joke, next morning my blemishes are definitely smaller. If you want to get rid of pimples fast (why wouldn't you?) definitely try the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion!

Have you ever tried this, or something similar? What tricks do you have to get rid of blemishes fast? Share below in the comments!

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Friday Favorites in Five

July 11, 2014

Happy Friday! So glad. This week has absolutely flown by for me. That's good though. Really good. That means that the weekend is here again. :) 

This week has been so busy and full of some strange turns and new experiences, but hey, I made it!

Here's a look at the favorites....

1. Favorite colorful room. I love patterned rugs. Especially when they bring in some bright colors to a space. This seems like such a fun room!

2. Favorite jewelry...that's also super bright colors. I like to bring in color with my accessories. Stack several of these together to make a statement! 

3. New favorite online store for home goods. These shower curtains are beautiful! I could see using them as window treatments!

4. Favorite image. The colors in this are amazing.

5. Favorite storage idea. Seriously - love this idea for a mud room. 

What were your favorite finds or favorite moments of the week? Share in the comments! Have a great weekend.

For more favorite things, check out my Pinterest boards.

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Design Files

July 9, 2014

I am desperately wanting to do something "new" in my house. I think a lot of people get tired of the same thing. I mean, you walk in the house and see the same. thing. every. day!

We've been talking about doing some work to our bathroom for a couple years. The problem is, there's just one sink. We brush our teeth (and I wash my face) at pretty much the same time every morning and night. Not good. Especially in the morning since I am running late all the time sometimes. Ain't nobody got time for that!

So my dream? Have massive amounts of storage and great lighting. Of course.

The mix of light and dark in this bathroom is uh-maz-ing. The windows behind the mirror - love it.

This layout is perfect!!! I love the dual sink, the storage between the two, and the style of the cabinetry. I also love the sconces on either side of the mirror with a recessed light above. Placed just right to provide enough all-around light for makeup application. ;)

Again, the dark window style shower doors! The dark grey floor and the lighter walls speak to me.

This doesn't really satisfy the storage needs, or the lighting, but the style? Awesome! This might be one of those that looks great but isn't really functional, unless you're a bachelor. Those lights though...they are pretty sweet.

I'm having heart palpitations over this bathroom. Oh my GOODNESS. The color, the floor, the walls, the lights, the tub, the shower, the palm in the vase, the windows. That's it. What works so well in this room is the different variations of the grey mixed with the natural brown color of the floor. It's warm, but the grey gives it a little modern touch that keeps it clean. Please and thank you. I saved the best for last (in my opinion).

What's your dream bathroom like? Share in the comments below...

Patriotic Wreath DIY

July 7, 2014

Last week I shared this post about some 4th of July crafts, and one of my favorite finds was this wreath. I meant to go get some things to make my own, and I did, it was just on July 3rd at about 7:30 pm. :) If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my little peek at my DIY wreath for the holiday...

I love how it turned out! I was in our office/sewing/craft/paint/storage/dust collector/catch all room with my supplies spread out everywhere and the hot glue gun going at about 8:30 pm. I had already put the flags (the only two flags I could find...two...) in my flower pots and was scrambling to figure out what I wanted the wreath to look like.

Pretty fun, right? Our red rocking chairs were totally planned (ha).

This was my first attempt. For throwing it all together in an hour it's not bad. The more I looked at it the more it needed. The brown branches blended in too much with our front door. 

So I added more green.

I like the finished product much better. It looks more like summer!

I wanted to make something that was patriotic, but could be used all summer without being over the top red, white and blue. I like that the blue isn't too bold, and the red poppies and yellow lemons pop against the green. It's bright, fun, and just what I was looking for! 

For a full DIY tutorial on how to make a wreath, check out this post.

It was fun decorating this year for the 4th! Hopefully next year I'll be more proactive and find more than two flags!!!

I'd love to hear how you decorated this year in the comments below!

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Friday Favorites in Five

July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!! I hope you have had a great week and I hope you have fun plans for the holiday weekend. I'm excited and thankful to have the day off and plan to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Oh so glad it's Friday! If you saw this post on Tuesday, you may have gotten the idea that things have been a little stressful for me. Mostly because of some changes at work that I've been dealing with and trying to sort through. Hopefully things will get easier. I think they will. :)

Let's talk about favorite things!

1. Favorite color combination. I love this for summer. It is so refreshing. I also love this for graphics. Great mix of cool and warm colors.

2. I am so in love with this exterior. I love the small rock walkway, the pavers, the shakes, the colors. Love.

3. Favorite interior color combo of the week. I really like this gold and navy together. It's classic and fresh all at the same time.

4. Totally random, but this is my happy place. These colored pencils in clear acrylic shelving and organized in fun color combinations. Ahh.

5. Because it's the 4th...these nails!! Does anyone else decorate their nails like this on the regular? I like it, but honestly can only stand it a day or so.

So there you have it ladies (and maybe the one gentleman out there). 

What favorite things did you find this week? Share in the comments below!

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Use a Candle in Your Scentsy

July 2, 2014

Have you ever had a candle that you love so much that you don't burn it for fear of never being able to find the same scent? This happens to me. Usually with candles from Bath & Body Works...because if you ever shop there you're very familiar with the fact that they have great seasonal scents that disappear and rarely return. 

Enter the Scentsy. As with most owners, I have purchased the little wax things that you break off and put in the dish to heat. It smells good, and lasts a long time. I can typically get a few uses out of the wax before throwing it out. Win!

Fast forward to vacation when I spotted an amazingly wonderful candle from Archipelago Botanicals 'Excursion' called Charleston. I wanted that candle. But there I was again, not wanting to burn it. Not only because I didn't want to use it up, but candles are expensive!!! Amiright?

Then I thought, "I wish there was this scent for my Scentsy...um, wait a sec...why not??? Duh!"

So I got to work.

I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Has anyone else done this? I might be the only person who hasn't, but I was so excited I had to share.

1. Gather your favorite candle scent, and get the Scentsy dish ready to melt.

2. I melted the wax little by little in the microwave (I don't know if you're supposed to do that). You could also just let it melt down on the warmer since you have to let the candle burn.

3. Burn your candle for a couple hours or until the wax has melted enough to get a good amount out of the jar. Have the dish and a spoon handy!

4. Pour the melted wax and spoon some of the softened wax into the dish. You probably only need a couple spoon-fulls of the wax. I got a little carried away.

5. Place the dish back onto the Scentsy and turn on to melt the rest of the wax. That's it! So simple. Potentially a little messy...just be careful!

I've already done this with another candle I purchased - it was the littlest candle available in a summery beachy scent (yum). I melted it down and poured the wax into an old Scentsy refill pack so I can pop them out and use them whenever I want that scent again! Perfection.

I haven't tried this with every candle/wax type out there, so it might work better with some than others, but so far I've had no problems...only happy smells! :)

Have you ever tried this? Am I just completely out of the loop?

Just a Thought

July 1, 2014

I was scanning some inspirational quotes yesterday and came across this one. It was perfect for me right now! I personally hold very high expectations and standards for myself and how I "perform" at work. I worry about making a wrong decision or making a mistake. Anyone else do this? I have trouble stepping outside my own mind and remembering that I'm human, and ALL humans make mistakes. It's how we learn! I also forget that the decisions I make at work on a daily basis are not life or death decisions.

There have been some changes with my work-life lately, and I'm being exposed to all kinds of new experiences. I'm trying to take things a day at a time, and trying to slowly work through my ever-growing list of unknowns. :)

That's why I love this quote. It's a great reminder that we're not perfect, and mistakes are just part of life! It's okay to not have all the answers.

Have a happy Tuesday!