4th of July Craft Ideas

June 30, 2014

I always think about doing something crafty for the 4th of July to decorate around the house or on the front porch. I just don't actually do it. I should start though. There are so many amazing craft ideas out there to choose from! If I were going to get crafty...these are some of the ones I'd try!

I think these would be so pretty scattered along a table as a centerpiece. Or put them all in a glass jar or a big bowl. Also, easy idea with the Washi Tape!

How fun! I love the different ribbons and string. This would be perfect hanging on a porch.

I love this idea. You can really have fun with this one. These would look great on a dining table outdoors or on a coffee table.

Okay. I'm sold. Now this I might actually do! I have a wreath that I leave up from spring to fall, but It's a little more spring than summer...I love that you can easily take this from a regular red and white scheme to red, white and blue with a flag or maybe a few little blue stars. After the holiday, take off the blue and you're back to summer. I think we might just have to do a craft this year!!! 

What do you do to decorate for the 4th?