Friday Favorites in Five

April 25, 2014

It's Friiiiiiidaaaaaay! I really have started to think that I spend the majority of the week hoping for Friday. Sad. Actually, I really live for about 5:00 Friday. Even worse. But, now that it's finally's my collection of favorites.

Absolutely stunning entry. It's perfect in just about every way. I am really into the board/batten look.

This is so true!!! 

I very much have a love hate relationship with Piloxing. Especially if you fast-forward to the 1:08 mark. I'm not even sure this should be classified as a favorite, yet, but it needs to quickly become one so I can get in better shape!

I made this cheesecake last weekend. It was so good.

What a cute idea for a party! Although, I would need my own jar of pop corn. I have trouble sharing when it comes to pop corn. As in, the large movie tub with butter poured on it...oh yes.

Have a great weekend! What are you favorites from this week?

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