Flower Arranging

April 9, 2014

Having fresh flowers on display in the home provides such a personal touch, and if you actually arrange them yourself, even better! I don't live close to a flower shop (I'd love to walk down the street and see a little flower stand like this one), but I do live close to a grocery store that sells flowers. Kind of the same thing, right? Not really, but it's the best I have. 

Usually when I buy a bundle of flowers from the store they look a little sad, but today I'll show you how to turn that into what looks like a professional floral arrangement. It's easier than you might think!

First, gather some supplies. I used kitchen scissors (but anything would work), and I wanted a smaller vase for the arrangement. Unwrap the flowers and loosen the arrangement.

Begin cutting the stems so they will fit the size of your vase. Because I used a smaller vase, I left about a 3-4 inch stem.

Separate the types of flowers. I like to organize them to know what I have to work with (plus, I just like organizing in general - to each his own). In this case, I had one large lily and some smaller flowers that were perfect for fluff.

Place the largest flower in the vase first. I wanted the lily to be in the center knowing that it would spread out over the smaller flowers as it bloomed.

Start adding the medium sized flower around the centerpiece. It doesn't have to be perfect. We'll tweak it a little more later for the finishing touch.

Now add in the smallest flower. It looks best when they're mixed in randomly. You're really trying to fill any gaps in the arrangement and because this was a brighter color than the rest of the flowers, it added just the right pop.

Once all the flowers are placed into the vase, it'll probably take some minor fluffing. By that I mean that some flowers may need to be pulled up and others may need to be pushed down into the vase further. I just played with it until it looked balanced. I wanted some of the flowers to be hanging over the side of the vase slightly. Once you're satisfied, you're done! Add some water to the vase and place it in a sunny spot to enjoy.