Friday Favorites in Five

March 28, 2014

So...this week it snowed. Again. One day it was 68 and the next 38. What. The. Heck. Glad I didn't go flower shopping a couple weeks ago! Such a bummer. BUT the good news? It's Friiiidaaay. Woop woop! Time for some of the favorite things I saw on Pinterest over the past week.

Favorite Cozy Dining Room. Love that rug!
Favorite Cold Treat. Just look at those little coconut flakes!
Favorite Rustic Interior. That chair!
Favorite Craft. How cute is this?!?
Favorite Cake...I can't even talk about it. I must make this.
So there you go! Apparently I'm in the mood for some cooking and an interior re-do. Have a great weekend!

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