A Little Housekeeping...

March 1, 2014

Hi there! This is just a quick post to take care of some housekeeping and let you know of a little change happening to the blog...

After much thought, I decided to create a custom domain for the blog (meaning that would be ".com" instead of "blogspot.com"). I felt like it was important to make this move so the blog would be easier to search, and it would be easier for people to remember!

So, the official new web address is www.sweetandsimplelifeblog.com.

If you follow me on bloglovin' with the old "blogspot.com" address be sure to click the link below to find the new site and follow me so you don't miss any new posts!

Have a good weekend, and thank you so much for following Sweet & Simple Life Blog - I can't tell you how much it means to me.