Pores No More

September 29, 2014

I wish there was a miracle mask or miracle serum that would make pores be gone forever! I have always had larger, more visible pores than I would prefer...

Several months ago I started researching different products that might help the situation. I looked for probably a good two months online and read reviews on various serums. I had a mask that helped, and had been using this toner (which also seemed to help), but felt like I needed something specifically made for shrinking pores to add into the mix.

If you look on Sephora's website you'll see several products, most of them pretty expensive...but I saw that the Sephora brand Pore Refining Serum had a pretty high rating, and it was on sale. No brainer. Try it!

I am now on my second tube of this stuff. I honestly think it helps! I can tell that when I use it regularly (morning and night after washing) the pores are minimized. Miracle product? No, not really, but it's definitely made a difference so I keep using it.

The biggest bummer is that it does not seem to be on their website (might try a store), but I did find it on Amazon.

If you have the same issue with pores, and have something that works, please let me know!

Friday Favorites in Five

September 26, 2014


I've been all messed up this week. I woke up Tuesday morning and literally thought it was Saturday (I seem to be having this issue lately). So I obviously was extremely disappointed to learn it was still so far away. :( 

Since I'm still on the fall kick, and I put up my fall wreath and a few little pumpkins on my mantle, I decided to share my five favorite front porch decorations. I always find great new ways to decorate, but I always love the traditional looks.

1. This craft idea with wooden pumpkins is awesome! You can make them any color you want, and reuse them year after year. Love this!

2. Using a mix of corn and pumpkins adds different colors and textures.

3. Adding a blanket to your front porch rocking chair is oh-so-welcoming. I also love the colors in this one - the blue looks great with the fall orange and yellow.

4. I made it a goal last year to find colored pumpkins. I had one just like this, and love the idea of using some birch logs to accent with the green/grey color.

5. My favorite is probably traditional decorations. Mums, pumpkins, orange...yep, fall is in the air!

Happy weekend!

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Fall Lookbook

September 24, 2014

Every new season makes me want new clothes to go with it...especially Fall because I love layering.

I was browsing the other day at a few of my favorite places to shop, and I found several great tops. Side note - I also realized why I love shopping online so much...it's the most organized way to shop...you can choose what you're looking for, the color, and size! I get so frustrated when I go in a store because I can't find what I'm looking for. Oh, but you can bet I find it online! 

I love buying versatile pieces. Things that can be dressed up for work or paired with jeans for a dinner are my go-to's. I also try to look for colors that will go with things I already own to save from having to buy an entire new outfit every time.

Typically I figure that any top can go with a pair of dress pants and heels, skinny jeans and flats, or some jeans and boots...and that pretty much sums up my closet.

Creature of habit.
1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

It's pretty obvious that there is a trend with the flowy looks (that was not planned at all, promise). It makes sense that this would be my go-to look though - the style is easy to change up. You can add a belt for a more fitted look, keep it loose for a comfortable style, or pair it with a jacket for a more polished look. I do all three of these very often.

Okay, so I need the endless budget now please. Thank you. ;)

Happy Fall shopping y'all!