Friday Favorites in Five

November 21, 2014

Welcome to Friday everyone! We made it! This is the last weekend before Thanksgiving. Whaaaat? I know, I can't believe it either. 

I've probably worn out the whole fall thing, but honestly I don't care because it is my favorite. 

I hadn't planned on doing many fall/Thanksgiving decorations, but at the last minute decided to decorate in my dining room...and that got me searching for some inspiration. So, I'm sharing my favorites with you (get excited)!

1. This is probably my all time favorite fall tablescape by Apartment 34. It was inspiration for my own, even though mine doesn't really look like this...the colors are what I was going for. Kind of. 

2. The rustic and elegant look that Kim at Tidbits & Twine did here is beautiful. It's such a great combination, and I love the pewter antlers.

3. Seriously want to replicate what Lucy at Craftberry Bush did with this table. It's fall, but there's a slight Christmasy touch (which I can't get enough of, of course).

4. Love, love, love this table by The Lettered Cottage. The bright flowers are perfect, and the pumpkins are on smart. The lanterns add a warm touch too.

5. This table by The Lily Pad Cottage is great because it's not the traditional fall colors, so if you need a neutral theme, this is for you!

Any time I look for ideas or inspiration, of course I go to Pinterest. It was so hard to find just five tablescapes because every time I kept searching I found more and more that I liked! Which one of these is your favorite?

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Product Spotlight: CG Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

November 19, 2014

You've probably figured out by now that I like to test out foundations, BB Creams, and anything that claims to be the next best thing for coverage of my uneven skin tone. Well, this is probably my newest favorite. I've been using the CG Ready Set Gorgeous foundation for about a month, and have been loving it. I first mentioned it here, and it's still my go-to every day.

The coverage is really, really good...and I don't have to use much product to achieve the coverage I'm after. It doesn't feel heavy and has a nice matte finish. I notice that it stays in place throughout the day, and doesn't get too greasy (which for me is great) because it's oil free!

There are so many shades in this foundation. I first tried the 210 Medium Beige, but found it to be a little light. The 215 Warm Beige is just right. I was impressed seeing the range of options because honestly I think that's part of the struggle with drug store foundations - they're harder to match.

To apply, I've been using the Sigma F80 brush, and I also use a Beauty Blender. I like both...but usually prefer a brush for foundations because it just seems faster. Typically I will place a small amount (literally a pea-sized amount) on the back of my hand, dab the brush in it and start sweeping over my face in circular motions. That pea-sized amount can cover my entire face. If I need more coverage I'll just pick up a little more product and apply in the areas where I have redness or a blemish. If I'm really in a hurry, I can get by using a drop of this over a blemish instead of a separate concealer.

Have I raved enough about this stuff? Okay, I'll stop, but honestly, best drug store foundation I've far...but really, probably ever!

Thanksgiving Home Tour

November 17, 2014

I was hit hard by the Christmas spirit this past week, and I was so close to pulling out all of my decorations and just going all in! I usually hold out until after Thanksgiving, but I couldn't help it. They started playing Christmas music on xm radio (the Holly station), and I gave in to it and have been listening (almost) non-stop. 

Then I paused and thought about it a few minutes. I love Thanksgiving too much to just skip over the fall decorations. In a last-ditch effort to fulfill my cravings for decorating, and still try to hold on to the little bit of Fall left in this season, I ran out to shop for some 'Thanksgiving appropriate' decor (and bonus: because stores had their Christmas stuff out it was all on sale!!!!).

My dining room is now decked out in full-on Thanksgiving! Woo! The best part is that I used greenery from my Christmas collection so I can easily transition the day after Thanksgiving. :)

It was pretty simple, and took about 20 minutes to do. The leaves were in a bundle, so I deconstructed them (which I do anytime I buy faux floral decorations - it's safe to say that I never buy a bundle of flowers or greenery and leave it in the original arrangement) and placed individual leaves in the greenery. Then each of the other items were placed throughout and on the table itself. They were already individual so it didn't take much effort. Some of the stems were shortened, but other than that it was out of the bag and onto the table (kind of like dinner some nights).

When it's time to get the Christmas stuff ready, I can just pull out each of the items and store them away for next year! I might leave the little berries, pears and pomegranates though...they could be Christmasy too.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet? I feel like a lot of people have...and I'm kind of jealous...but I  am also pretty pleased with how my Thanksgiving Table came together. Next year I'll be ready!

If you decorated for Thanksgiving/Fall, and have a picture, share a link to your blog post showcasing your decorations in the comments, or post a picture on Instagram and tag me @rebecca_hellocreative!

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